Academic Affairs Leadership Team, 2016-present

Arts & Sciences Academic Council, 2007-present

Arts & Sciences Focus on Teaching Group, 2014-present

Classroom Committee, 2014-present

Institute of International Education 2016-17 International Academic Partnership Program with Cuba, Steering Committee, 2016-present

School of Professional and Continuing Studies Academic Council, 2007-present

Software & Technology Standards, 1998-present

Classroom Master Plan Committee, 2012-2015

Classroom Oversight, Coordination, and Implementation Committee, 2007-2014

Information Services Managers, 2000-2016

Information Services Administrative Group, 2007-2016

Program to Enhance Teaching Effectiveness (PETE) – Coordinator, 2007-2016

Faculty Enrichment Advisory Council, 2011-2015

UR Accessibility Steering Committee, 2011-2014

Carole Weinstein International Center Steering Committee, 2010-2013

University Librarian Search Committee, 2011-2012

University Copyright Committee, 2008-2011

Faculty Development Collaboration Team, 2010-2011

Director of Institutional Research Search Committee, 2004-2005

Banner User Group, 1998-2003



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